About Me


I am a portrait photographer who lives in South Glens Falls, New York with her smart computer analyst husband and two handsome sons, Benjamin and Kyle. Life has been an adventure since marrying Matt 17 years ago. He is my best friend and knows me better than anyone else. I can’t image my life without him.  Being a mom has been joyous and hard. My children teach me many things and I am amazed by their jokes and silly ways. They keep me busy with their interest in sports and love for new technology.

As a photographer I get to see many great children and have fun trying to make them smile and laugh. Some kids may look at me as the crazy lady who keeps smiling at them. They are all so adorable! I try and make all my sessions fun and memorable. I don’t want parents stressed and uncomfortable. Clients should want to come back to me year after year for their portraits, so that I get to see their children and watch them grow. I enjoy spending time with my sons looking back at photos from when they were younger. Many great memories that keep us laughing for hours.

I have been capturing moments in time for families on a professional level for the last 7.5 years. I have always loved taking photographs. I want to school and learned how to use film cameras and develop in a dark room. I find digital photography less stressful. Seeing images instantly on the view screen is great! I am constantly learning new ways to improve my photography.


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